Mac Blogging Software

I used to use Microsoft Live Writer on Windows to post to my WordPress blogs, but now am looking for an equivalent program on the Mac… so far, no luck.

Here are the programs I’ve reviewed, and the shortcomings they have… I started with this list, and the most reasonable app I found was Ecto.

All of the programs fail on one of the simpler (in my opinion) tasks — rendering your post in edit mode with the blog’s live css stylesheet. They also often failed with some other relatively simple tasks, such as being able to edit Pages and not just posts.

  • Ecto – doesn’t show preview with css
    • $18 for this? I guess that’s reasonable, but Live Writer had more features and was free…
  • MarsEdit – doesn’t allow you to edit pages, no css preview
  • Flock – have to sign up for pictures account (aka Flickr or PhotoBucket) to upload pictures. Also, no css preview, no page editing…
  • Qumana – doesn’t even seem to work with OSX 10.5
  • iBlog – doesn’t support WordPress (just writes files to file system or ftp)
  • JBlogEditor – no active development; focus on html editing
  • Journler – not obvious how to use for blogging, focus is on journaling
  • MacJournal – looks nice, not focused on blogging, no css view, no page editing, expensive @ $35