Power Management Settings on a Mac

There’s a wonderful command line utility on Macs called pmset. You can run the following command to see a log of what happens when your computer goes to sleep and wakes up… pmset -g log Using this, I was able to see the following entry that was slowing things down…

Turning off SafeSleep

Quoting completely from Remiel

Ever since the PowerBook G4, Apple notebooks use a system called Safe Sleep to restore your computer to working order after being left unattended for a while. With Safe Sleep, the current session is written to both RAM and your hard disk — RAM because waking up is faster that way, and the hard disk so that the system can safely go into hibernation if the battery drains while it’s asleep.

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Google Voice Dialer for iPhone

Got Google Voice? Want caller-id to show that number when you call someone instead of your iPhone’s actual mobile number? It appears there is no “app for that” as Apple, AT&T and Google don’t want to play nice… Here’s a workaround…

Mac Keyboard Hacks

Want to change your control key and caps lock key on your Mac (or just disable your caps lock key)? Use the built-in settings (System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Modifier Keys). Want to change your fn key? Use DoubleCommand.

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Firefox Gestures

I was just playing around with some of the Firefox Gestures that are available on a Mac, and went looking for a list of commands that you can have the gestures trigger… since it wasn’t easy to find, here’s the scoop.

RSS Feed Translation

Got an interesting RSS feed you wan to follow, but it’s in a different language? You can use the steps from this article by Rafe Needleman. The process includes using Yahoo Pipes to get the RSS feed, translate it, and then create new content output from that. Not horribly complicated, and quite a nice trick… Continue reading RSS Feed Translation

Domain Move

FYI, I will be retiring the www.elegando.com domain when it expires later this year. All content will now be at elegando.jcg3.org instead. Please update your RSS feed readers as appropriate…

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SWT Scale and Scroll Mouse

If you use a SWT Scale object (a.k.a. a Slider), you might want to have it move as your user uses their scroll wheel on their mouse. Here’s the code to make it happen.

BIRT Date Formatting

To output a date in your BIRT HTML, you can nicely format it using the value-of xml tag… <value-of format=”MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss”>new Date()</value-of> More tips here.

Mac Blogging Software

I used to use Microsoft Live Writer on Windows to post to my WordPress blogs, but now am looking for an equivalent program on the Mac… so far, no luck. Here are the programs I’ve reviewed, and the shortcomings they have… I started with this list, and the most reasonable app I found was Ecto.… Continue reading Mac Blogging Software

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