Google Voice Dialer for iPhone

Got Google Voice? Want caller-id to show that number when you call someone instead of your iPhone’s actual mobile number? It appears there is no “app for that” as Apple, AT&T and Google don’t want to play nice…

Here’s a workaround

This is a more thorough explanation of a previous post. In lieu of an GV app, I figured out a quick and easy way to dial your most frequent contacts using no more than 2 clicks. All we’re doing is adding a bookmark to your iPhone home page that links to a contact’s unique URL in your GV address book. Ready?

1. Load up the mobile GV site ( It works fine in Firefox — it doesn’t redirect to the non-mobile version like other Google sites.

2. Find your desired favorite in your contact list. Let’s use “Mom” for our example. Each contact has its own unique URL – something like Copy this link to your clipboard.

3. Use your favorite photo editing software to find the perfect headshot of mom. Crop it so it’s EXACTLY a square (I use Picasa).

4. Resize mom’s picture so it’s 57 x 57, and save as a PNG to your desktop. (I used

5. Fire up Upload your 57 x 57 PNG, give it the shortcut name “mom” and paste the GV unique contact URL from step 2 into the “shortcut URL” prompt. Put in your email address, and uncheck “make public.” Hit “create shortcut.”

6. Check your iPhone email. You should receive a message with link — click on it. Safari should launch. Bookmark that page to your home screen. Your mom’s smiling face should appear along with your fart and other useless apps.

7. When it’s time to call mom, click on her face. Her contact page in your GV account will load in Safari. You can then call or SMS any number that you have stored for her.


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