Secure Disk

TrueCrypt has been nothing but unreliable on OSX, so in looking for alternatives I found an obvious one — the built in disk utility!  DU can create encrypted disks…  not exactly up to DoD standards, but more than enough for me, worried about my data in case my laptop is stolen…

Windows Time Synch

Windows nicely ships with a little utility that updates your system time with an internet server so that the clock won’t skew over time. This is a Pretty Good Idea, but alas, it went away several months ago.

The built-in servers and no longer respond to requests to get the current/correct time.

As I am not the only person to identify this problem, there is an online list of other time servers that you can set windows to synch with. Just double-click on the clock in your task bar, and enter a new server name in the Internet Time tab:

Time Synch Screenshot