Java 2 CS

I don’t code in C# very frequently, but every once in a while you need to hack something together for a small windows program… The site Java2cs has a nice, fairly usable reference for those of us used to the Java nomenclature and such.

Every example includes a complete source file, which can be quite a help when other reference sites simply assume you know what to import…

SVN Backup and Restore

Here’s a quick note to remember how to back up Subversion repositories properly… simply doing a copy of the svnrepos file system folder structure does not exactly work.

Here’s how I backup my repository
svnadmin dump /data/svnrepos > 2007.10.05-svnrepos.dump
gzip -9 2007.10.05-svnrepos.dump

Here’s the online docs for backup and for migration that explain svnadmin dump and svnadmin load.

Vista RDP Hack

I found a very nice and helpful hack for Windows Vista that allows you to turn on Terminal Services Services (also known as Remote Desktop) for Vista Home Premium. Tony Chan explained it on his blog (he got the idea from The Green Button).

It involves plopping a few things in the registry, so do a backup/system restore point before you get started.


If you’ve got multiple computers at the same desk, make sure you check out Win2VNC, a great program. It allows you to use the same keyboard and mouse to control both machines.

It works in an interesting way… you set up VNC (a remote desktop server) on your secondary computers. Run win2vnc on the primary computer where the keyboard and mouse are attached. When you launch win2vnc, it creates a remote desktop session along one side of the screen, so as you mouse over to that area, your mouse and keyboard switch focus to the secondary computer.

Note that the version here is older and does not have as much functionality as the project hosted at sourceforge (via the link above).

Cygwin Additions

Whenever reinstalling cygwin, I want to remember to add these modules… and the list is so long that I thought I’d document this list somewhere so I don’t have to remember it all from memory.

subversion (for svn client only*)
unison [if the version is recent enough]

I used to install CVS and rsync, but that was before Subversion and Unison…

In general, I prefer the windows installers for various programs such as ImageMagick, Unison, and Gnuplot. In contrast, I prefer the cygwin versions of perl and openSSH.

*On subversion, if you’re hosting the repository on Windows, make sure you use the binaries in your C:\Program Files\Subversion\bin directory instead of the cygwin versions. The cygwin version will not keep the right file permissions in the repository.

Search with Lucene

The Apache project Lucene has gotten a lot of attention as a good open source search platform.  Any one who needs search capabilities should consider Lucene in their due diligence.