Bookmarklet: Open in 1Password (iOS)

From MacStories – how you can create a bookmarklet to have a URL opened in the 1Password app from Safari.

From the article:

The URL scheme for opening website is far more useful for me. You can prepend “op” to a normal Safari URL to open it directly into 1Password. For instance, typing op in Safari will launch Google in 1Password’s browser. Therefore, I made a bookmarklet that you can click in Safari to open the current website in 1Password even faster; simply create a bookmarklet with this code:

  • javascript:window.location=’op’+(window.location.href);

…And 1Password will launch the website you’re currently viewing. I tested the bookmarklet in Safari and Chrome for iOS; it has become a huge timesaver to quickly log into websites that I access on a frequent basis.

Dynamic Classpath for Batch File

From Hapi, a great way to set the classpath for a batch file:

@echo off

for %%I IN (..\lib\*.jar) DO SET CP=!CP!;%%I

java -cp %CP% com.example.Launcher

And also for shell scripts:

#! /bin/bash

for i in ../lib/*.jar;

java -cp $CP com.example.Launcher

Name Bench

Is your internet intermittently slow? It might be your DNS provider… use Name Bench to see what the best DNS server for you is…


I found an interesting set of Java tools at OnyxBits. Included is an animated gif maker, LDAP utilities, a program for drawing comics, and more.